Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yesterday's News

Yesterday we received a package from my in-laws, who live in Tamil Nadu. It contained many lovely things, which I'll be posting about later this week. But last night a sheet of newspaper caught my eye and I ended up peppering my husband, Mowgli (not his real name), with questions about it, and now I can tell you all what's going on in Coimbatore.

There's an election going on, and this guy is a politician who's crying because every time he thinks he has another person recruited to his party, they just jump right out of his basket and back into the political sea.

This group of politicians is conspiring to kidnap people to add to their coalition because they can't get anyone to join voluntarily. Check out the guy peeking around the corner in the upper right.

That cow is made of flowers because there's a flower festival going on in Hong Kong:

This one, I didn't need any translation for -- horoscopes are the same all over the world. Virgo: You will drive everyone mad with your high standards. Scorpio: Why so mysterious? Taurus: You will meet yet another seemingly immovable object.

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