Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Indian Breath Mints

A few weeks ago a friend with extremely adventurous taste buds offered me an "Indian breath mint." I gamely put one in my mouth and immediately regretted it, but I stuck it out for a while to get the full spectrum of the experience.

It was more tart than 80 lemons, and then it was just plain awful, and the last taste was something like liime rind preserved in shoe polish.

So consider yourself warned if you find yourself presented with a jar of this or something similar, and don't be taken in by the happy-looking lady on the label.


  1. "lime rind preserved in shoe polish"! LMAO!

    I also do not prefer the fennel mix in the bowl at Indian restaurants as a breath freshener.
    My acquired taste for a breath mint/freshner is peppermint, and it's hard to venture beyond in a way that really makes me feel clean and refreshed aside from brushing the teeth.

  2. Now, see, *that* stuff I love, because it's sweet. We actually have it on hand at home pretty much constantly.

  3. Maybe the name "Adrak Pachak" should be a tip-off-- kind of onomatopoetic for choking sounds, no? But then there is her cryptic smile... Hmmmm...


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