Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Canine Inspector Clouseau

I ran into the 1964 classic "A Shot in the Dark" on TV yesterday, and realized as I sat there that our dog Jim is like Inspector Clouseau in several striking ways:

1. He is stunningly clumsy; he has a particular talent for getting tangled in cords and falling over his own feet on the stairs.

2. He is not terribly bright; he often turns around to see where his own fart noise came from. This is apparently terribly confusing for him.

3. He is excellent at fending off Kato. Once when Mowgli was walking him and they were charged by a leashless German Shepherd, our meek, mild Jim put himself between the dog and Mowgli and got down to doggy business.

4. He makes us laugh.

5. Chicks dig him.


  1. This had me on the floor!

    Tell Jim to stop shaving his moustache off!

  2. that reminds me of the time Turk (80lb pitbull lab mix) once farted so loudly while sitting that he jumped up and spun around looking for whatevere devilish thing had just made that noise. He then ended up sniffing the ground he just vacated trying to figure out how that lovely smell had gotten there.


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