Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hair Conundrum

Among my odd talents is the ability to put my hair up using chopsticks. I did this yesterday while preparing to meet a friend for lunch, and then hesitated. We had talked about going to a Vietnamese restaurant, and I know that in other Asian countries, using chopsticks for non-food applications is a big no-no. Poking your chopsticks into your rice and leaving them there is really bad in form in China -- it mimics the incense sticks (stuck in rice, I think) that signify a funeral.

Gads -- what if my hairdo offended the nice people who make and bring me the yummy food I love so much?

But then I thought, this is America, and they've been here for a while. Surely they've been far more offended by far worse faux pas. I'm not going to Vietnam; I just want a 19.02 with curry sauce.

These are the things that occupy me -- worrying that I might offend someone with my hairdo, and then deciding that it's okay.


  1. A friend's Mom is Japanese. She was horrified to find her daughter wanting to stick chopsticks in her hair. Diana said later, "I think it's like making a necklace of used dental floss would be to me. She thought it was a disgusting idea and that I was crazy to do it. She asked if I use forks and knives in my hair as well."

  2. Excellent point; forks and knives are not generally used as hair accessories. I do like Kurt's paintbrushes idea, though.


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