Tuesday, July 21, 2009

International Cocktail Hour

Last week I was grocery shopping with my husband Mowgli (not his real name) when he started prowling the liquor aisle. I knew what he was looking for: Hpnotiq. And no, that's not a string of typos, that's how some brand guru decided to spell it -- you can check out the bottle below for confirmation.

Now, if you've met Mowgli, you may know that his favored hard liquor is Wild Turkey. Being a man who's confident in his choices, he does not care one fig that others find his love of both Wild Turkey and Hpnotiq incongruous.

Despite the fact that it is bright blue and can accurately be described as tasting like a SweetTart, "Product of France" proudly adorns this blend of vodka, cognac and "exotic fruit juices." The stuff is so beloved by the patrons of our local grocery store that it was behind the service counter, from whence it is difficult to steal.

Back at home, we delivered it to the fridge. I cozied up to my Sunday night show with a small amount of the stuff, but was not enjoying it as much as I might due to the tart end of the SweetTart factor. Later, I perused the fridge for a mixer, and my gaze fell on the bottle of super-sugary Indian mango juice we had also picked up.

And thus the green concoction on the left was born. I like to think of it as the Shazam because that was the thought in my head when I realized how well the two liquids would go together, but I'm taking suggestions for names.


  1. Mango trance?
    Beautiful Looza?

  2. I like Mango Trance. My mom's vote is for Shazam, and for the record, she finds the colors of the drinks revolting.

  3. Discovered this blog through GG. Sakoon, an Indian fusion restaurant in Mtn. View, California has a cocktail called 'Monsoon Wedding' that combines Bacardi coconut rum, Hypnotiq, pineapple juice. Served with a lemon wedge & red sugar on the rim of the glass. http://www.sakoonrestaurant.com/cocktails.htm


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