Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photopost: Trans-Siberian Express

Roughly 20 years ago, my older brother Sam (not his real name) convinced me that going walkabout in Europe and Asia right after graduation would be just the thing to do. As usual, he was right.

These photos were taken by him during his journey west on the Trans-Siberian Express to meet me in Germany (he had just spent a year studying in Nanjing). I myself took that same train back east with him a few weeks later, and took these photos of his photos this morning.



  1. ---and in memory of this adventurous trip, Mango Mama received a postcard from a YAK! It remains safely stored in her memorabilia. Not sure what her progeny were smoking

  2. Don't worry, mom, we were only smoking the currency of the Far East: Marlboro Reds.


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